By booking and/or attending a reading with MICHELLE MARIA you are acknowledging that you fully understand and agree to the T&Cs as stipulated below:

1. That you have attained the age of 18yrs or over.

2. Mediumistic readings are conducted for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only and therefore do not absolve the “sitter” of personal responsibility, accountably or free will. Nor should readings be used as the sole basis on which to make ANY life changing decisions, readings are not to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advice e.g.: doctor, solicitor, counsellor etc.

3. How an individual interprets, actions or uses ANY of the information provided in the reading is not the responsibility of SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS with Michelle Maria and she cannot be held accountable for such.

4. 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
Connection with Spirit can not or never be guaranteed, nor can a connection with a SPECIFIC link/person be guaranteed, sitters are asked to take this into account when attending for a consultation so as to avoid disappointment and/feeling misled.

5. Readings are on an APPOINTMENT BASIS only and as such NO COLD CALLERS will be seen. Appointments at this time via mobile number provided or via land line number provided.

6. Readings are conducted on a 1:1 basis ONLY at: 7 The Square Mickleover Derby and as such “sitters” are not to be accompanied nor is there room at the address for a third party to wait.

NB Parking is very difficult outside address but there are alternatives close by so please take this into account when attending for your appointment.

7. READINGS £35’s 45mins (Allow an hour price inc tax and insurance)******* MICHELLE MARIA uses a variety of abilities to connect including Psychometry (holding of a small personal item/photograph) the custody of which remains the sitters responsibility. MICHELLE MARIA is NOT a FORTUNE TELLER and does not use cards, crystal balls, ribbons etc.: this is personal preference only and in no way is meant to undermine the abilities of those that do, MICHELLE MARIAs readings are a simple 1:1 Spirit led “chat”.

8. As you are in MICHELLE MARIAs home you must be aware that there is a dog and cat at location. These are part of MICHELLE MARIAs family and as such will stay at address during your reading. IF you have an allergy to CATS he can be placed in an alternative room but this MUST be mentioned at time of making your appointment NOT when you arrive. The dog STAYS with MICHELLE MARIA .(Although you will not be left alone with the dog).

9. There will be NO APPOINTMENTS prior to 10 am and NO APPOINTMENTS after 8pm.Appointments available at weekends and evenings subject to availability.

10. A £10 Non-refundable deposit may be requested to CONFIRM and SECURE your appointment. This will be payable to MICHELLE MARIA via PayPal link on Website, BACS transfer or a cheque sent by post to: 7 The Square Mickleover Derby DE30DD. MICHELLE MARIA reserves to right to request payment in FULL PRIOR to reading commencing.

11. IF for any reason MICHELLE MARIA has to cancel an appointment with less than 24hrs notice she will offer an alternative appointment to the sitter at no additional cost. IF the SITTER fails to attend, cancels with less than 24hrs notice OR arrives late without having first made contact with MICHELLE MARIA to confirm the reading can still proceed, they will forfeit any deposit made. PLEASE ADHERE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIMES whilst still mindful that due to the nature of the work readings can override on occasion.

12. Do not make and/or attend for a booking whilst under the influence of ANY harmful substances i.e. alcohol, drugs, solvents. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in MICHELLE MARIAs home. MICHELLE MARIA reserves the right to refuse the sitter a reading if she has any concerns in relation to the sitters mental/physical health. She also reserves the right to stop the reading if at any time if she feels intimidated, or feels the SITTER is being uncooperative or unhelpful or it is clear that the SITTER or indeed HERSELF are being negatively affected by the reading e.g. Too emotional. MICHELLE MARIA at her discretion will take this into account when charging for the reading. [Charges to nearest 15 mins @ £8:75 ]

13. MICHELLE MARIA advises that you DO NOT book a reading if you have seen a Medium for a reading in the last 6 months or if you have suffered a personal bereavement of ANY kind in that time.(Inc. a much loved pet) ALSO if you are suffering from any mental disorder/illness, physical disorder/illness (Inc: pregnancy) diagnosed or otherwise that you are unsure may be worsened by having a reading please seek professional advice prior to making a booking. (Only because a SITTER may be hypersensitive and less able to cope, become stressed etc. NOT because readings are full of doom and gloom, their purpose to reassure and bring comfort).

14. MICHELLE MARIA will allow sitters to make notes if they wish, no recordings are offered. Should a sitter want to make a recording i.e.; on a mobile this is NOT authorised unless REQUESTED and explicit PERMISSION given by MICHELLE MARIA. IF a recording is made this is on the understanding that the sitter use the material for PERSONAL USE ONLY and is NOT to be used in any capacity within the public domain i.e. broadcast, article, Courts etc. MICHELLE MARIA will also insist a disclaimer is recorded at beginning to validate the recording.

15. The Website SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS with MICHELLE MARIA is owned by MICHELLE MARIA and as such no one has permission to tamper, edit, change or download it in any way or use it or any part of its content other than MICHELLE MARIA or if authorised by MICHELLE MARIA to do so.

16. Although extremely rare there are occasions when a connection cannot be made, MICHELLE MARIA will not fill time with untruths if this is the case and terminate the session. HOWEVER if the sitter feels dissatisfied with the reading for ANY reason they must mention it IMMEDIATALY and not wait until the end , such behaviour implies the sitter has been satisfied with what has been said and you will be charged in full for your reading.

SITTER in the above context refers to the person who is having a reading with MICHELLE MARIA.

These T&Cs are subject to change so please ensure you have read them prior to booking/attendance. 11/02/15