Subject: My reading

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I came to Michelle expecting nothing and left with every thing I needed. She is a wonderful woman with ( a wonderful cat ) and amazing capabilities. Can honestly say ill remember it forever. And if you can open your mind. Miracles can happen
Hope is everything and I left with confidence and i appreciate her and a connection is all you need

Sophie. PERKS. 26th March ’18. (Derby).

Subject: Just amazing and so genuine

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I visited Michelle Maria today (23/3/2018)  and was amazed at what she told me.  The things she said were accurate and related to stuff that she could not of known.  Such a lovely lady who makes you feel so welcome.  I have visited mediums before and can assure anyone reading this review that Michelle Maria is one of the best.  I came away feeling good and with a new lease of energy.  She brought my close family to me and told me things that was in my plans, which only myself and my husband had talked about.  Thank you Michelle Maria, you are a real genuine lovely lady. xx

Moira. Lefley. 23rd March’ 18. (Derby).
Simply Amazing
Michelle is a very warm, genuine lady. She was hanging her head out of her front door waiting for me as I walked up the street to her beautiful home. She made me a cup of tea and gave me a couple of biscuits as she said she suddenly felt hungry, and realised that actually is was me that was hungry as I’d had no tea – she had felt it. Well, what a reading, I felt wonderful when I left – felt extremely peaceful, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She mentioned something that was troubling me, and had been so for a few years. I was gobsmacked, there is no way that she could have known anything about my issues, yet she was so accurate. The words from spirit have given me such strength and I now know that things will work out for me . If you get the chance, please go and see Michelle. You won’t regret it.
Patrick. STACEY. 17th March’18. (Copied from 5 Stars.). Mickleover, Derby.

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