Subject: Amazing Experience

Message Body:
Michelle is a very warm and friendly person with an amazing gift. The time I spent with her was truly fascinating and joyeuos. Sometimes what you want to hear is what you need to hear and she was spot on. Thank you for the laughs, your warmth, compassion and enthusiasm xx

Hayley. FORDE. 4th Feb ‘ 2018. (DERBY).

Subject: Empowering visit

Message Body:
My wife has always spoken very openly and endearingly about her experiences with mediums. I on the other hand have been unconvinced but open to the idea.
I decided to look in to the options of feeding my curiosity and kept being drawn back to Michelle following internet searches.
From initial contact, I felt at ease with the whole situation whereas before, I would have felt somewhat foolhardy. I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect, No idea what I wanted to gain from the experience or even how I would react. I can honestly say, from the moment Michelle opened the door, I felt completely at ease and welcomed. Michelle is very genuine and endearing. She was very sensitive to my thoughts and feelings and within minutes I felt like I was chatting to someone I had known for years. She gave me details during the course of my reading that honestly blew me away. Some things that made no sense to me during the reading  however: once relayed to my wife became very apparent and appropriate to her. The information, she relayed was so diverse, yet specific I left a profound believer. There is no way that anybody could guess some of the information she presented. I could ramble on endlessly about my own experience with Michelle but the bottom line is, you need to experience it yourself. I do no think anyone who does, would ever leave disappointed. Thank you x

Bryan. MAYNE. 1st Feb ’18. (DERBY).

Subject: Amazing Reading

Message Body:
I highly recommend Michelle. She is a very warm, lovely, special lady. I feel so much happier and content after my reading with her earlier this week. Wow to how accurate she was and Michelle’s delivery is with thought and kindness. She’s a very gifted, loving person and so happy to have met her xxx

Jayne. YOUNG. 31st. January ’18. (Osmanston, DERBY ).

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