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Michelle is amazing, friendly, kind and very funny. I really enjoyed meeting her and having a session with her. She makes you feel as comfortable as possible. I would recommend to everyone.

Thank you Michelle.

Alizira. Dayse.Teiseira Da Birkenhead. 20th Nov ’17. (Littleover Derby).
TEN STARS!!! If you need peace, guidance, kindness .. she is who to see xxx
It is actually hard for me to describe the amount of peace and relief i feel after having sat with her. Right away i felt comfortable with her. Right away i was made to feel that i mattered. Right away she could feel things going on with me .. before i even got there actually. The accuracy of everything she picked up on that is going on with me is just .. stunning! She knew nothing of me aside from my first name and near immediately i could feel that she was feeling and had my heart figured out more than i had myself figured out. The support and guidance she was able to feel and relay for me from spirit was overwhelmingly relieving. I literally feel like a ton of bricks have been set down and am able now to move forward lighter and more confident in myself and my faith. I feel relief, i feel thankful, i feel blessed to have found her to help me thru. I left there with a sense of well being, confidence, and love that i needed. I am highly recommending her. She can help you too. xxx
Patricia. G. 14th Nov ’17. (Derby) (*****Copied from Yell.Com).

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I had a reading from Michelle Maria a few weeks ago during a really difficult time for me having received some devastating family news.  Michelle picked up my energy fields almost immediately, knowing that  was struggling,in particular with a relationship.  She gave me so much guidance (without her realising it) in respect of how I should now approach it.  She knew things about me and my family that no-one else would know.  She made me feel completely at ease straight away and I genuinely felt that we weren’t the only ones in the room.  She said that often she feels like she is rambling passing on the messages that she receives, but everything she said meant something to me. I recorded the session we have and I listen to it regularly as it helps to keep me on my path.  I would highly recommend Michelle Maria, I will be going back to her in a few months time for a further review.

Jane. FULHAM. 2nd Nov ’17. (DERBY).

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