The service I presently offer to customers is that of a private 1-2-1, Spirit Led, consultation (Reading) within the comfortable and welcoming
surroundings of my own home.
Readings cost £35’s for 45mins. (Please allow an hour and this price is inclusive of Tax and Insurance).
I conduct all of my readings in the strictest of confidence, with the very best of intentions.
There is nothing to fear when you see me for a reading , I will use various methods to connect to you and your loved ones, memories, places (Past and present) these are as follows:



Everything and everybody has their own unique energy frequency. A Psychic/Medium can hold or touch a small personal item e.g.: jewellery, photograph, key, and “read” the energy held within the item from the wearer/user etc. Some Mediums can even connect just by taking hold of a customer’s hand momentarily say as in a handshake.


Clairvoyance (Clear vision)

This is the ability to see things with and in the “mind’s eye”. E.g. A full physical description of a deceased loved one can be given from what the Medium can see from inside their mind.


Clairaudience (Clear hearing)

The ability to hear information e.g. names, music, singing and dialogue that needs to be relayed to the sitter by the Medium.


Clairsentience (Clear feeling)

This is harder in a way to describe so I will use personal examples, in my own personal opinion this can mean both physical/emotional information for the Medium to convey:
Physical: I can often feel physical symptoms of an illness, this could be a long term chronic illness and/or the reason for the individual’s passing e.g. Discomfort in my chest, shortness of breath, heaviness down one side of my body. (Ailments of deceased pets can also be given as they too live on and continue to love us).

Please attend with an open mind and trust that Spirit will always provide you with what you NEED rather than what you WANT.

NB: Whilst Psychometry can be used to help with a connection it is on a Psychic level rather than mediumistic level.

NB: Be reassured that this evidence is only provided so that the Sitter can identify with whom the Medium is working with, the individual themselves will no longer be suffering with these illnesses or physical ailments/injuries.
Emotional: Personally I can often feel things prior to and upon arrival of a sitter e.g. I can become very tearful and overwhelmed this I KNOW relates to a passing within the last 5 years, intensity felt can depict how recent the loss.