My name is Michelle Maria and I am natural Psychic Medium.
I use the term natural as I believe we are all born with the potential to discover and develop our own Psychic/Mediumistic/healing abilities. However, how we choose to recognise, acknowledge develop and use such abilities is something only we as individuals can decide, and as with all abilities some of us are further along the road than others. Distance travelled may also be down to individuals willingness to accept the responsibility and accountability that accompanies such a gift.
What I am trying to convey is that I have no mystical, magical powers, Mediumship is as old as the hills and as such I do what I do because I am permitted to do so, I also believe that if I were ever to lose my integrity, start using my readings to manipulate, control or merely to massage my ego then I would be well and truly closed down by Spirit.
Think of me as an aerial sensitive to the higher frequencies of Spiritual energy if you like, I am the messenger not the source of the information.
It has taken me many many years to get here and being a sensitive has meant I have been well and truly battered by life on an emotional level, often, it has to be said, when others around me appear to be and have been totally unphased. I no longer feel a freak or a misfit but now know that such emotional turmoil was meant and sent to teach me empathy, compassion, kindness and mindfulness which I try to always encompass and convey in all of my readings.
We all need reassurance from time to time to know that we are heard and seen, that there is always hope and that our loved ones live on and their love for us continues as they watch over us.
If you feel I am the right person to do your reading then trust I will do my very best for you with only love and good intention, trust also that you will know when the time is right and that our paths will cross when they are meant to.
In the meantime take care of yourself and each other.

Michelle Maria