Spiritual Connections

“So lovely to meet you. I’m filled with happiness and hope for the future.
Not only that getting a new iron tomorrow!! Feel blessed to have met you!”

KG Derby. 05/09/15

I found Michelle in a local advertisement and decided to try as she was pretty local, she made me very welcome and i enjoyed every minute . Im not sure why i wanted to go and see her; but since my visit i feel much better in myself and my general outlook on life is so much better . She told me lots of things that were very accurate i would definitely recommend her as it was a great experience.

Kim. (F). 6th January 2017 ( Mickleover Derby).

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“I am a natural medium and as such I offer private

one-one “Spirit-Led” consultation in the warm

welcoming privacy of my own home.


My name is MICHELLE MARIA and I am natural Psychic Medium.
I use the term natural as I believe we are all born with the potential to discover and develop our own Psychic/Mediumistic/healing abilities. However, how we choose to recognise, acknowledge develop and use such abilities is something only we as individuals can decide, and as with all abilities some of us are further along the road than others. Distance travelled may also be down to individuals willingness to accept the responsibility and accountability that accompanies such a gift.



  • Simply Amazing
    Michelle is a very warm, genuine lady. She was hanging her head out of her front door waiting for me as I walked up the street to her beautiful home. She made me a cup of tea and gave me a couple of biscuits as she said she suddenly felt hungry, and realised that actually is was me that was hungry as I’d had no tea – she had felt it. Well, what a reading, I felt wonderful when I left – felt extremely peaceful, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She mentioned something that was troubling me, and had been so for a few years. I was gobsmacked, there is no way that she could have known anything about my issues, yet she was so accurate. The words from spirit have given me such strength and I now know that things will work out for me . If you get the chance, please go and see Michelle. You won’t regret it.
    Patrick. STACEY. 17th March’18. (Copied from yell.com. 5 Stars.). Mickleover, Derby.
  • Subject: So helpful and lovely too

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    Michelle Maria was so helpful in our conversation today, she was spot on with the information that came to her! I was quite surprised how she pinpointed what was happening for me and how I felt about it. I helped me to feel more confident about the decisions I am making, which is a big thing for me. Thank you Michelle Maria, looking forward to speaking with you again ☺.

    Natalie. D. 12th March ’18. ****Impromptu phone reading****