Spiritual Connections

“So lovely to meet you. I’m filled with happiness and hope for the future.
Not only that getting a new iron tomorrow!! Feel blessed to have met you!”

KG Derby. 05/09/15

I found Michelle in a local advertisement and decided to try as she was pretty local, she made me very welcome and i enjoyed every minute . Im not sure why i wanted to go and see her; but since my visit i feel much better in myself and my general outlook on life is so much better . She told me lots of things that were very accurate i would definitely recommend her as it was a great experience.

Kim. (F). 6th January 2017 ( Mickleover Derby).

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“I am a natural medium and as such I offer private

one-one “Spirit-Led” consultation in the warm

welcoming privacy of my own home.


My name is MICHELLE MARIA and I am natural Psychic Medium.
I use the term natural as I believe we are all born with the potential to discover and develop our own Psychic/Mediumistic/healing abilities. However, how we choose to recognise, acknowledge develop and use such abilities is something only we as individuals can decide, and as with all abilities some of us are further along the road than others. Distance travelled may also be down to individuals willingness to accept the responsibility and accountability that accompanies such a gift.



  • Subject: ENLIGHTENED beyond belief

    Message Body:
    My life has become a fantastic reality since having my 1st meeting with Michelle in June 2017…I have since had another in Feb this year…Interestingly the 2nd meeting was completely different to the 1st & I now know why because what Michelle has done has unlocked my dense “field” of negative overburden & allowed me to “see” through the smoke & mirrors of the “system” that controls us…Michelle is a true soul who is blessed with a natural gift that not only heals but also provides onward aftercare in a spiritual way…from the books she has leant me to read to the amazing text messages I currently receive Michelle is allowing ME ( I AM) to fulfil my destiny on this earthly wonder…my journey has been  one of mixed emotions, full of twists & turns, ups & downs and also one of confusion but since meeting Michelle Maria for that 1st amazing meeting I have re connected with “source” & my oversoul…this lady is a truly inspired  & genuine character & hope many more of you will benefit from meeting her as I have done…LOVE & LIGHT to you ALL X

    Stuart. WRAGG. 11th May ’18. (DERBY).
  • Subject: Life changing

    Message Body:
    My encounters with Michelle have  been life changing. I would need a whole chapter to express my gratitude. Very genuine  lovely warm lady, she has given me more time than she needed in times of crisis when she didn’t need to. I went to see her when I had almost given up on life and she made me feel so welcome and that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok and an added bonus was that we could laugh about things.  She knew stuff that blew my mind to this day.  This was at most I have ever felt at peace in my heart sat on that chair talking to Michelle. I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulder and like I said it’s been life changing. Michelle is a godsend there are not enough words in the world!!  I will forever be grateful. Best thing I’ve ever done !

    Edith. S. 26th April ‘ 18 ( Previously 26th July ‘ 17 ) . (Derby)