Spiritual Connections

“So lovely to meet you. I’m filled with happiness and hope for the future.
Not only that getting a new iron tomorrow!! Feel blessed to have met you!”

KG Derby. 05/09/15

I found Michelle in a local advertisement and decided to try as she was pretty local, she made me very welcome and i enjoyed every minute . Im not sure why i wanted to go and see her; but since my visit i feel much better in myself  and my general outlook on life is so much better . She told me lots of things that were very accurate i would definitely recommend her as it was a great experience.

Kim. (F). 6th January 2017  ( Mickleover Derby).

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“I am a natural medium and as such I offer private 

 one-one “Spirit-Led” consultation in the warm

welcoming privacy of my own home.


My name is MICHELLE MARIA and I am natural Psychic Medium.
I use the term “natural” as I believe we are all born with the potential to discover and develop our own Psychic/Mediumistic/healing abilities. However, how we choose to recognise, acknowledge develop and use such abilities is something only we as individuals can decide, and as with all abilities some of us are further along the road than others. Distance travelled may also be down to individual’s willingness to accept the responsibility and accountability that accompanies such a “gift”.



  • Subject: My reading with Michelle Maria

    Message Body:
    One word can encapsulate my thoughts on this wonderful experience with Michelle Maria today…WOW!!…I was instantly drawn to try Michelle to read my spritual map & I was not disappointed. From the very first time I made contact by telephone with her I felt comfortable & this meeting only reinforced my initial impression. I arrived bang on time & was met with a huge beaming smile and the offer of “Tea or Coffee” followed by a small packet of the sweetest chocolate biscuits….mmm yummy I was in my element and things were about to get much more revealing & exciting…I was ready to be “processed”…straight off the bat and she was firing on all cylinders with her accurate and unique delivery with touches of humour thrown in for good measure…this lady is amazingly precise & confirmed my decision to seek spiritual guidance…my Reading was everything I expected & more & left me feeling enlightened although a little emotionally fragile but ultimately stronger as a result of my attendance…I genuinely feel good vibes with Michelle & her straight talking no nonsense approach was well balanced within the serene setting of her beautiful cottage…even the cat came down to say hello…I would recommend Michelle Maria to anyone who is considering visiting a Medium & I don’t issue recommendations readily!…they have to be fully justified…only 1 suggestion…perhaps 2 packs of biscuits next time!…SO: what are you waiting for?

    Stuart. WRAGG. 25th June ’17. (Leicestershire.)
  • Subject: A beautiful uplifting reading❤

    Message Body:
    Today I visited Michelle at her cosy cottage for a reading. I first found Michelle after reading her warm and welcoming website.
    I really enjoyed reading her website and she sounded so normal, almost like the Doris Stokes who was a very famous medium some years ago. While others use Tarot cards and the like which is fine I saw that Michelle’s style was more old school and much more to my liking. My hopes were high.
    I called to make an appointment and found Michelle to be warm and engaging, flexible with dates n times .I felt that we would get along very much so!
    A few txt messages were exchanged to confirm  date and time, all felt very positive!
    The day arrived and soon enough I found myself knocking on the door of a pleasant cottage. Michelke opened the door and welcomed me into her very comfortable cottage. With a cup of tea in hand..biscuit too I really warmed to this person and she told me how she worked with spirit, all was so relaxed and positive and affirming. Michelle then started to tell me things with such confidence and accuracy that shows she knows what she is giving is correct from the first minute!! Not only did she give me things which only I could know as proof but how I was feeling. My parents are both in spirit and Michelle’s style meant it was literallt like having them all together in that cosy cottage!!!…This wasn’t a reafing across a tarot card table this was so much more!…The facts and words came thick and fast nothing wasn’t true everythng so accurate few could deny!
    I left well past my alloted time having had so much fun with my loved ones I can honestly say that this was the best readingI have ever had. Don’t take my word for it please book! Thank you Michelle for such a wonderful time of discovery connection with loved ones and funXxx Chris…hope to see you again.

    Christopher. LUCAS. 15th May ‘ 17. (DERBY).